Recovered Cut-Up

For John Patsynski

April 4, 1999




In society, the Olde

you, young, an gray

ire to express


            movements the


           it easier for



            rhetoric of our

close the

                  belief that


            homosexuals     other


                   and gay

PER                             Day

It is                   from


                  Lesbians     part

each in our gay relative

about our erotic families

those affirm sexual day

cerns    have begun       a

                        ” is       victim


               the family       morale

            weakens the

            outside             and

            the center

            it needs to


                        generations       are


decline              that


likely                            Other

terms       of the social



                of the            want

            Our survival      their

            broaden the      Quake

in total

that sues like the

            affirmative         other

they essential

ate, 19 Lung people -   for old

               autonomy      (Lord,

            children as

such         imagine

            will remain

                        in the    the


or not

life ten

            not just for
































work, young its life or not

services will remain

imagine such children as

autonomy, Lord Lung


19 essential people

other affirmative

they that sues like that

broaden the Quake in total

not just for Our survival

their want of the stances


Other likely terms of

the social relationship:


the family day victim is

for that decline

a generation needs to

weaken the morals

outside the centers


affirm those sexual

erotic about our gay relatives

each in part Lesbian

and gay per day as others limit

as other homosexuals

the belief that

Our rhetoric of the close hood,


In society, the Old

young and gray

express ire

to movements great –














                                                                        we will explore why

                                                            these changes involve

                                                           involve retirement and

                                         the fond children.  Often they

                                                            reaffirm relationships w COG

                                                            much social policy in                 1. Dis  

                                    fluence with social                                             those factors

events   or activities                               (about his cat

2. gets up in the

morning and goes

3. Then, having considered God,



                                                     cult to make generalizations

            tween the social tasks in later adulthood.                                   SUM.

                   In              recently retired young old

                                                     a unique pattern

                                                herself, and

                                          Yet, given these

                                    later life. As you will see                                    Later


                        But                                                                               red

                                                                                                            deeds from

            The                                                                                                      General



            Her                                                                                            waning

may      one’s                                                    many                            and

            loved or ill health in themselves or                                  more likely

status                or productivity  and red

                             experience the death

of                     their own vulnerability.  For                                           hearing

attaché               become preoccupied  with                                       bones

the end of                     the hardships they                                             are not

                        this is not the dominant                                      mental

                              thinking       about                                                       exercise

ears hating son, themselves accept. In fact                                                         is not

drudgery,          different terms. A survey                                   adults for the

                                    many elderly agreed                                          the aging

            sudden for their friends were, for some                          factors, such

                               p. 96).                                                       based, also

                               satisfaction and                                                      The stochastic

styles of                according to a now classic                                        out or that                    

never    these                                        little relations                                products. So

hers a sheer joy

w factor. Money, social class,                           mentioned. Genetic

                and even

interviewed                                                                                                       themselves

interviewed       adults feel satisfied with                         his lost

look to a life     to influence feelings of                           it was is may occur

            wiser, elf is comparable in young and                 (more, how

living                 adults may gain the most                                               poverty, and

experience development, and other                                          pragmatics of memory in later

and so on)        and       their functioning (

priorities                       an extended social network      

                                    - American community”).