We are now open for submissions to the grinder.  Experiment across any poem in any way.  Make fodder of the can(n)on.

Guidelines and how to submit

Subject Line:  POETRY SUB:  Your Poem Title by Your Name
send to

Subject Line:  FICTION SUB: Your Story Title by Your Name
send to

Subject Line:  ART SUB:  Your Art Title by Your Name
send to

Paste your contribution into the body of the window.  With contributions where that would mess up spacing, then attach as either yourtitle.rtf or yourtitle.doc. Also, adopting a standard manuscript format for your files shows that you care, not to mention making life easier for everyone.

To keep our response time down, we can't consider more than one piece of fiction by a given author at a time. Therefore, please wait until we accept or reject each story before sending us another story, even if your stories are very short.

If you don't hear from us within two months of submitting, please query. (Sometimes email and I go astray.)


madeupmovement works with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 2.5

Material, after it's rotated off the main table of contents, will remain archived at the site until taken down at the editor's discretion or author's request.  Theoretically, everything here is archived indefinitely.

What We Want and What We Don't Want

Take a look at the mission statement.

I want good fiction and poetry.

I want stories that have some literary depth but aren't boring; styles that are unusual yet readable; structures that balance inventiveness with narrative. I like characters I care about no matter how unlikable. I like settings and cultures.

I like stories addressing political issues in complex ways. However, I don't like heavy-handed or preachy or simplistic approaches.

As with any magazine, the best way to find out the kinds of things I like is to read what's published.

make art dangerous again.


Short pieces, primarily.  Novellas, perhaps.  Serials, potentially. Novels, unlikely but not impossible.

I can't consider partial or incomplete stories. Please don't send me part of a story and ask me to request the rest if I'm interested.

I  will consider flash. However, I'm generally not interested in stories with twist endings.

I hold first-printing world exclusive rights for two months. After that period, you are free to republish the story elsewhere. I hope (but do not require) that you'll allow us to post the story in our archives indefinitely after it's rotated off the main table of contents.  Mentioning original publication would be very nice.


No official verse culture accepted, although can(n)on may be used to destroy so that we may build on its ruins.  No experiments without hypothesis implied.  The poetry must capture and move on/in/around.  No confession, instead, wordplay, soft and sharp images, and the musical phrase.  We owe as much to Pound as Prevallet, as much to Stein as Baraka, as much to Williams as Welish and as much to Blake as Zukofsky as Berrigan as Hejinian.  We ask, if not new, at least make it move.

Short and long verse accepted.  Line breaks will be represented as received.  No maximum until otherwise notified.

Please include short bio.

Painting, drawing, collage, photography, sculpture, (any genres omitted) submission framework:

We want politically charged, formally experimental, and culturally radical artwork that is not overtly politically charged, formally experimental and culturally radical. In other words: subtle, quality, imaginative and vigorous art that doesn’t necessarily beat your audience over the head with overly adolescent or confessional themes. Realism with speculation, surrealism with vitality, cubism with thrust, impressions without flowery landscapes, expressions without ears missing, gestural or not, abstract expressions only if absolutely necessary. Since we are in the throes of making up a movement, we prefer new perspectives, radical treatment of the old ones, or any shades in-between. 

We welcome any commentary attached to each piece and encourage a brief bio.

Literary and art criticism submission framework:

We want essays dealing with the state of the art, the state of the culture and commentary/analysis of specific works, texts, and images. Not to be pretentious, but no standard, dry, formal essays will be considered (the editors are composition teachers, so experiment thoroughly with form). Mini-essays and multi-genre pieces preferred. 

We welcome a brief bio.