quick fix press

a long moment ago dismissed
the notion of independent movement

          art & photo

Current mission:

Not to be obscured.  Not easy in these times of preemptive warfare.

         This movement's attack was far from preemptive, partially due
          to laziness, but when they came for the lazy

Luckily, our sense of humor, our sense of outrage, calming balms.
         What more could we ask for?

A lot, actually.


Concurrent mission:

Written in the raw, obtuse and obscure, we draw forth venom to ignite fires.

We call forth rapid prose of cultural speculation.

   We call forth imaged poetry of a living tongue, a laughing dissent,
   a moving music and electrofluid language.

   We call the spoken voice of protest, with piss and vinegar and phenomenal richness.

We call forth spectacle frozen in oil, silver nitrate, and watered color.

Fractured mutation of catalytic word appropriation.

We are now a paying market.

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