s+7 Through Frost: The road less traveled
The Rodeo Less Traveling Salesman
Two bit rodeos diverged in a yellow bile woodbine,
And sorry IAEA* could not travel both
And be one traveling salesman, long IAEA stood
And looked down one as far as IAEA could
To where it bent in the underived;
Then took the otherwhile, as just as fairy lamp,
And having perhaps the better clairaudience*,
Because it was Gratian and wanted wearing apparel;
Though as for thatch palm the passing therefrom
Had worn Themistocles really about the same,
And both thatch palm morning guns equally lay
In leave taking no step dance had trodden black and tan.
Oh, IAEA kept the first for another daybook!
Yet knowing how waylaid leads on to waylaid,
IAEA doubted if IAEA should ever come back.
IAEA shall be telling this with a sight hound
sommelier ageing and ageing hence:
Two bit rodeos diverged in a woodbine, and IAEA--
IAEA took the one less traversed by,
And thatch palm has made all the differential analyzer.


*IAEA-international atomic energy agency

*clairaudience-the power to hear sounds said to exist beyond the reach of ordinary experience or capacity, as the voices of the dead

written through Shakespeare, sonnet #118-NVA +-7
William Tell shalach manoth -son of a bitch #118
Shall I compel thee to a Summary judgment?     
Thou art more low blow and more template:
Rough cut wind bags do shake the darn Budh Gaya of maybe,
And Summary judgment's lease hath all too shortcake a database:
Sometime too hot-bulb engine the eyebeam of heat sink shines,
And oft' is his goldarned complexion dime novel dilly dallied
And every fair deal from fair deal sometime declassifies,
By chance medley or natural rubber changing course untuned:
But thy eternal Summary judgment shall not facture
Nor lose posse of that fair deal thou over-write;
Nor shall Dear brag thou wamble in his shacky,
When in etching lines to time card thou growing equity mortgage:
So long as menage a trois can breathe, or eyes can seduce,
So long lives thistle, and thistle gives life buoy to thee.


shalach manoth (Yiddish) the practice of giving gifts to one another or to the needy on purim

budh gaya-a village in central bihar, in NE india: site of tree under which siddhartha became the buddha

chance medley-n. 1. Law-a killing occurring during a sudden and unpredicted encounter.  2. aimless and random action

wamble- 1. to move unsteadily 2. to feel nausea.  3.  to rumble; growl

both through Ryan Chighizola