Soma Feldmar


If Language; Space-Bound / Time-Spell

                                                            - for M.G.L (always)



If language is a virtual reality how do we get back to actual reality without losing language performs each reality in simultaneous time performs language through subject often matters too much matter cuts off language splits into four  of me is now multiple scouts sent out to set up a watch and control tower at the outer limits of language does not know which direction to look into when ones own name let alone pronouns and articles become troubling when language is politicized subjects have no where to run on sentences are no way to escape











    listen brilliant concrete

           breath ghost

                  must cloud stream


you soon sky

    surround my fever

                     day ocean


         naked over linger

    only rhythm voice




    warm salt squirm

        some ferocious after


I most were









If language was only about language and not things would slowly disappear into gravity reversed by the wrong name applies to everything is only language can not be about experience is only the experience of language is not incarnational union only has meaning between two bodies collide without words represent but do not enact mimicry is not a means of survival in reflection must necessarily be split the mirror down the middle of a space between two words is not silence is more than the lack of language happening all at once would be meaningless experiences do not exist like Stein who said ‘nonsense is impossible’ to separate subject from the making of meaning language can not function without a subject experiencing subject














In the beginning time was short and quick duration covered the space of memory took up vast distances were recalled constantly looking for you were recent in my past tense muscles would wrap around empty spaces criss-crossed with spider webs broke under the weight of your absence brings water stretched the length of my vision no longer clouded by hope kept me tied to the memory of future moments only elongate time turned into language is what is remembered now confuses history with the past images of you are not here time and memory twist the duration of reality is relative to the space taken up distance does not mean separation is inevitable weather patters bring fears of loss is a function of time will not save me from your absence takes up so much language
















    exhalation fills

         space    broken walls


    for    you

                there is no home

         empty of meaning


                     meaning here

      “an alphabet of sites”


I give you this    mouth


      hallways of breath


 inhabit my language

                     is full of holes




   inhalation allows   excess

                         duration   of   absence




                  the    placement    of

         (my)       body in space


    tries to hold you

        my blindless window



           fog from absent



      a type of architecture


   I am    outside



              (your)     body