A Book of Magicks
by John Patsynski



A New Translation

The Tree of Life (A Study)

The Principles of Cloud-Busting

I Seriously Devoted Myself to the Search for Some Different & New Principle. 

Hermetica (The Second, but First)

Hermetica (The First, but Second)

Phenomenology of Spirit-Mind

Condensed Chaos (An Introduction)

The Light of Bright Reason Daysends from on High.

The Book of Constant the Shoemaker’s Son

Real Presence










A New Translation



The present volume owes its existence to

an instant rapport, though nearly untranslatable. 

That unforgettable day in the study, and later

in the garden, a look at a handwritten manuscript. 

So wonderful to discuss some of the most

difficult passages with a friend.  Occasionally

glosses are offered beyond the text and explain

more fully what is in the mind.  In certain orientations

I do not exist, only to be noticed as a shadow;

all pretensions to knowledge of the possibility

of visibility.  Borders and no borders

stand in relation; the find for the diver.  Matter

mastered and formed; enabled to life in the spirit,

the many tongues of language.  Surrendered,

to the stammering of nature under the initial

grasp, before the yield to cosmic risk. 




                                    after Martin Buber










The Tree of Life (A Study)



            Dedicated with poignant memory

            of what might have been, apart

            from its flamboyancy, a sincere

            and simple guide to an intricate

            and otherwise obscure art.  Credit

            must also be given to higher & divine

            Genius gifted with greater facility

            of pen, and possessed of a more

            profound knowledge of the subject

            and its concomitants, thus providing

            a better formulation of Magick. 



The writer will be first to acclaim

the traditional science of the secrets

of the nature transmitted universe

which comprises the heart, soul, and

intelligence of humanity.  The creative

imagination developed through reflection

the Logos in the mundane sphere

of a celestial idea.  The Opener

of metaphysical essence, exaltation

of consciousness, exerts a subtle fascination

on the mind.  Thus, this language is that

of incantations, keys of sound, number,

and figure which open the doors between

the mortal and the immortal.  Such poetry

to conjure with belongs to another world,

another aeon, and exists in the dream.  Sweet

fruit swiftly yielded to hand of pluck, the wings

then grow stronger, the flight itself longer;

wisdom constantly burning.  Become that light

by which may blossom the golden-green

asphodel, and continue into the translucent

curls of will with greater and greater

responsibility; transform and transmute

the base. 




                        after Israel Regardie










The Principles of Cloud-Busting



One would prefer not to hasten

at a furious speed

in a straight line

toward a determined goal. 


Only, with quantities and energies,

philosophy ,with psychic qualities;

and ‘there’ was no bridge between

the quanti- and quali-tative. 


This claim makes imperative

a detailed presentation of structure

in all its ramifications. 


It became increasingly clear

that this smile served as a protection;

and that this smile must have a definite meaning

does not seem plausible. 


The function of emotion, long before

the discovery of the cosmic energy, the goal

of liberation, a tangible content

by “airing” in the open fresh air. 


Work, and works, easily

and efficiently, while the newcomers

faint dead away. 


Peculiarities, rather than signs;

of an entirely fluid meaning, an origin,

a simple construction with regard—partly antagonistic—pressed

in a specific attitude or way of being


Exchanges of all kinds, and all functions

which depend on the presence or absence of interaction

and potential; the performing

of the most natural embrace—inner and outer. 




                                    after Wilhelm Reich










I Seriously Devoted Myself to the Search for Some Different & New Principle. 



Betaking myself to this quest, a remedy from the state

of great peril, an improvement and purification of

the understanding which brings it into the right path, I speak

in the manner of multitudes.  These modes of perception

guide, and, by increased knowledge of nature, can easily avoid

what’s useless.  Error is not the dreaming of the waking.  Whence

fixed and eternal things, though they themselves are particular, will

nevertheless, owing to their presence and power everywhere, be

universals or genera of definitions of particular mutable things,

and as the proximate causes of all things.  Wherefore

the mind-body endeavors to conceive such a state of perfection,

except that the rays coming from a single point are not

collected accurately at another single point for those

who are generally in reality, simultaneous.  I adduce

to illustrate, to wit, these matters being thus, the difficulty

completely solved.  I affirm the necessary existence

of intellectual love in detailed geometrical fashion; virtue

of substance and essence through some movement of the spirits. 




                                                                        after Benedict De Spinoza










Hermetica (The Second, but First)



A double history, a blank page

in both ethos and ethnos—


the intellectual spiritualization of initiation.

The psychopomp of humanity operationalizes


the philosophy within the technical

matrix.  Correspondence between the worlds


confirms the cosmological scheme.  The assertion

of the will on the universe towards gnosis. 


As such, essence certainly understood

is the pot formed upon the wheel. 


Another blank page performs the rite

in the customary manner.  Writing


systems are versions of each other,

a transformation of the self


drinking deeply from the sources

to create synthesis of fire and light. 




            after Stephen Edred Flowers, Ph. D.










Hermetica (The First, but Second)



These things might be grouped together

under the vague but convenient term

occult arts and sciences.  Specimens of such

writings have come down, syncretic in

the choice of a single name.  Think out and go

not astray, but be saved by the divine

within.  Numerous manuscripts, many

corrected by a different hand, in which are

the most marvelous sayings.  Orpheus received

the same truth from the same source.  Let

this suffice as a beginning of knowledge

of the nature of all things.  For the good is

utterly alien to heavens and humanity.  And

necessity and providence and nature are

instruments by means of which the Cosmos is

governor, and by means of which matter is

set in order.  Be thankful by coming

to know such greatness. 




                        after Hermes Trismegistus










Phenomenology of Spirit-Mind



In turning to analysis, it is impossible to begin

a philosophical work with a clear statement

because philosophy has its being essentially

in the element of that universality which encloses

the particular.  The ceaseless activity of inherent

nature makes at the same time moments

of an organic unity, and the equal necessity

of all moments constitutes alone and thereby

the life of the whole.  For the real subject

matter is not exhausted but in the working-out;

philosophy to become actual knowing.  Formerly

a heaven adorned with a vast wealth of thought

and imagery, now dwelt in the world’s presence. 

            To show the time process, the force of mind

is only as great and multiple as its expressive substance,

the pure I as such.  Every rare and exotic absolute

Idea, naked possibility in a single assertion

of transfigured essence, the Subject reflected

into self-movement. 

            Refutation is reformative as tautology is spiritual

substance identical to the determination of simplicity

as being.  Experience is consciousness in its self, self

object of essence, and dialectical as regards truth

in matters of historical fact.  But this eventuality

has nothing to do with content; nothing, qua subject,

passes away in the predicate, and preserved

the freedom imposed upon thought.  The inner world, or

supersensible beyond, comes into being out of the world

of mediated appearance.  By a true knowing, for

only in the unity of apperception lies this pure immediacy, I

am directly conscious, I intuit and nothing more. 

            But once more, understanding fails to do justice

to infinity, virtue conquered by the ‘way of the world’

and of necessity again dissembled.  Extension constitutes

the existence of intensity, something independent

of every content—active love.  The “beautiful soul”

which realizes the form of the spirit’s act is merely

a moment of the whole. 




            after Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel










Condensed Chaos (An Introduction)



Avoid dogmatism, ask awkward questions,

and challenge ways of habitual experience. 


The deeper one goes into the image

of fractal logic, the more there is to see;


everything self-similar and connected. 

Adoption of belief makes it viable; Theory-in-Use


Sources of power in the Achievable Reality,

pushed back boundaries and self restriction. 


Prepare a framework of organized coherence;

there is always more to do in the sorcerer’s toybox. 


Information may be sought via the operation

of controlled feedback to alter the perception


of immediate reality.  This Pathworking

could take the form of taking a break, or


reorganizing activity in the Deep Mind

as a whole, through the written word. 




                                    after Phil Hine










The Light of Bright Reason Daysends from on High.



By a commodious vicus of recirculation back

to crest of heraldry. What then agentlike

brought about, O Sustainer.  Enjoyable of our

mounding’s mass, this is the triplewon hat,

grand and magnetic.  The silence speaks

the scene.  Fake!  How charmingly exquisite! 

And so.  And all.  Comsy see!  I am

doing it, spinning castle and earthenhouse;

lace at night, at another time.  The instance

of watch warriors pleaded nature in all

innocency.  The house is fallen.  The scene

refreshed.  Both and bottlebreaker; yes and no

error.  The velocipede that could tell;

a look, so rosetop seed makes the often

expressed wish.  Bring to light and note;

slink hook away.  The keykeeper of the keys

of the doors of the dreamadoory in the house

of the household.  Nobody will know

or heed ghouls to nail.  With such for a leary on

acquired unification, pass on to diversity

the instinct and when; back to the spirit. 




                                    after James Joyce










The Book of Constant the Shoemaker’s Son



Behind all is Occult Philosophy, source of the intellectual

key of obscurities; Poesy to the music of the Lyre of Orpheus. 


Adept Love the Word Incarnate; new hieroglyphs

speak evoking thought of all possible conceptions. 


Universal omnipresent antiquity glances the spiral page

on the mantle of a troubled wilderness after the storm. 



Take pause; here be monsters eating Almond Blossoms,

a clutch of bones in the left—lamp and dagger. 


The necessity of revealing; unblind and reform

by Will and by Work, the infinite Hands reach. 


Make a common idea of matter enjoys matter and

this in/complete in/consistent instrument. 



I, the eternal wanderer among the stars, a comet of all Nature

trace a fractal light preserved in the impress of every logos. 




                                                after Eliphas Levi










Real Presence



We speak still of ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’. 

Vacant metaphors, eroded figures of speech,

inhabit vocabulary and grammar, old ghosts

in the attic.  That which the poem is

at liberty to explore and enact; to the end

of illicit verbiage.  In this imaginary community

of counter-republic, the order of comment

allowed is explicative and historically contextual.

Interpretation is understanding in action, the immediacy

of translation, simultaneously analytical and critical. 

The executant invests being in the process,

answerable to the origin precisely because

putting to eminent risk the stature, the fortunes

of the work.  Such regrouping and innovation

is, par excellance, function and justification

of structure (itself, interpretation) and composition

(itself, criticism).  The fantasy sketched

is only that co-habitation of the living arts

in the sense used by those who first describe

rigorously the previously unknown or mistaken

work.  Semantic codes, of which language is

at the foremost of the innocence of relations

between word and world.  There is in reach

an infinity of willed and dreamt supposition

(an act of will is a dream in daylight).  One

cannot, save metaphorically, ask in words

of that which may lie before words.  One can say

any truth, any falsehood.  In beginning

there is the sentence, then the history of meaning. 

The underlying ‘logic’ is a ­Logos derivative

and construct, too easily trusted.  One cannot touch

on the experiencing of art in personal and communal life

without touching, simultaneously, on issues

of the most compelling and perplexing orders.

One can conceive of serious art persuading imaginings

towards questions made inescapable by certain moments. 

Every day of liberation from inhumanity and servitude

carries the name of hope (there is no word

less deconstructible).  Be patient, there

is no waiting. 



                                    after George Steiner