Okay, so there were new things across the pages, occasionally, but
there wasn't anything that big.  Being new to all this, I expected more,
but really, I didn't know what to expect. 

And all that happened.  And some other stuff.

But now, I announce:  we'll pay you.  That's right 1 cent (notice there's no longer a cent sign on a keyboard) for all stories up to 5,000 words.  Other than that, we'll negotiate.

Poetry seems about right at $5.00 a poem and 5 for $20.  Talk to me about series.

There'll be additional changes to the site over the next few days.  I'm still  using FrontPage (or whatever the capitalization) just because that's what I know.  There's not going to be an RSS feed unless someone else sets it up.  The audcasts are mp3s from my own bandwidth until that costs me more money.  Maybe at that point they'll grow into podcasts to let the archivers provide instead.  Production values aren't high (but they're not so bad), so just pretend you're listening to a piratecast. 


Living and active.  There'll be big changes around here over the next
week or so, and then in the weeks to come.  Trial periods grow into
periods more or less active, all depending on the dedication to the
movement which grows with you.  It's always about you, except for
when it's about me.  Like what you see?  Let me know.  Something
you'd like to see that you don't?  Let me know.

            Following movement along the nightly path will create
            & disadvantages
            forgotten bits forgetting disadvantages
            & they will be represented here


a long moment ago dismissed the notion of independent movement
art & photo